Real Estate

Real Estate CLosings

If you are buying or selling a home, business, or raw land, we can provide all the documentation and legal assistance you need to complete a successful transaction. We have decades of experience representing buyers and sellers in both loan and cash closings.

Landlord Tenant Disputes

Sometimes disputes arise between landlords and tenants. We are committed to helping resolve these disputes while enforcing landlords’ rights to their properties.

Deed Preparation

Whether it is for a purchase and sell transaction, for a transfer of ownership, or for an estate, Shope Krohn can prepare the necessary deeds to transfer ownership of real property.

Title Work

When buying a home, making sure there is clear title to the property is of paramount importance. Shope Krohn offers title search services to all of our real estate clients.

Boundary Line Disputes

Boundary line disputes between neighbors are a common problem that can escalate quickly. Shope Krohn has successfully resolved boundary line disputes between neighbors without having to resort to civil action.


Condemnation, also called eminent domain, is the right of a government or its agent to take private property for public use, with financial compensation paid to the owner of the private property. If the government is considering taking your property, contact us for assistance to ensure sure your rights and financial interests are protected


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